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The market for digital assets is currently experiencing an unprecedented boom. Many assets are being converted or made digitally tradable. This contributes to the desired digitalisation of all areas of life.

Glorian Gears has made it a priority not only to create high-end art – the mission is to create something unique with immediate benefits for fans and supporters.

NFT-Art 2.0 is digital art, which, first of all, carries a spirit and a feeling - In Glorian's case, specifically the spirit of success. Real world winners digitalized and made usable in new possible digital universes. That is the benefit NFT art should really have.

Art that captivates owners and viewers, makes them feel success and is a truly unique collectible. And the fun that comes from just owning it. Fun that comes from being able to constantly show and use your collectible in new worlds.

Unfortunately, Glorian Gears has not found this anywhere on the market yet. There are many games and DeFi applications that are just launching. But what value do these applications have for the user?

Increasing money due to complex staking strategies? Or to buy collectibles and hope that they increase in value. But what else can you do other than wait? Glorian Gears negotiates with most of the big multiverse projects in which the new artwork can be used. The network is expanding almost daily as new projects are added.

Create a real-world winner once, feel the spirit of success and use collectibles in possible upcoming virtual and augmented realities. Make the leap from art that can only be collected to art that has an extra real use value that brings you joy and makes the collectibles even more valuable every day.

the artist who brings the next generation of 3D NFT 2.0 to life. This new form of NFT’s is characterized by adding utility to artworks. Our content is no longer bound by the static form of a picture or the linear flow of a video or animation. Our customers have the chance of receiving the real digital object – a flawless dynamic 3-dimensional capture of a special moment in time…


This is achieved by a combination of skills and experience, represented in a Glorious network of partners

Glorian Gears

First, we need to find the right moment…

Racing is the fastest sport on the planet – glorious moments come and go, sometimes predictable, sometimes brought by and formed by circumstances within tenths of a second…

To gain access to these moments, represented by the mechanical heroes of their time – thoroughbred racecars – Glorian Gears cooperates with a network of motorsport and licensing professionals who provide the cooperations with the best teams, race- film- and super-rare collectible cars to be digitalized for their new owners as truly unique NFT´s, guaranteed by full formal certification of the authenticity of the objects and the events they depict.


…then comes the tech-train…

Utilizing the power of the moment and creating vastly detailed, fully authentic 3D Data, representing an absolutely true-to-the-original digital copy requires flexibility, technical prowess and artistic know-how and feeling. These virtues are combined in our digitalization partner, a team of professionals from the field of 3D scanning and photogrammetry with international acclaim and experience in the fields of Game- Film and Cultural Heritage 3D-digitalization. Their expertise guarantees a truly unique result in terms of detail and 3D data quality.



"State-of-the-art digital replica of the reality as an enviroment of virtual poetry at its greatest" 

© 2021 All rights reserved.Glorian Gears

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