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The Kaizo GTR R34 11/2000 Series-2 No. 43/1268 is the authentic, one-off build, provided to Universal Studios by Daryl Alison of Kaizo Industries and uniquely customized by the studio, specifically for the filming of the fourth installment of the Fast & Furious Franchise

Paul Walker, who was directly involved in the design of the car, personally expressed the wish to remove the vinyls and other decorations from the car - he is quoted to have said that he is driving no “Sticker Bomber”, which ultimately led to the birth of the clean and classic Bayside-Blue Skyline.

It is the “one and only” – This Kaizo GTR R34’s uniqueness is further increased by the fact that no other real GTR R34 was built for the filming of the fourth movie.  All other Skylines used were built from ER34 body shells and dressed to look like this car, putting this in an exclusive group of fully drivable movie vehicles.

Other notable specials include a custom-made interior, a fixed seat set up for the correct filming position of Paul Walker and the installation of a Windows-PC in combination with a MFD Xenarc Display, with its own Magden Software booting sequence and all Gauges programmed to the ECU of the car.

Cited as Paul Walker's favorite car, this special automotive legend will go on sale accompanied by a set of digital originals, including a collector’s special and a series of fan items.

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